Unreel Jitka Malczyk Zofka Kasparova Ales Hrabe Ladislav Vesely

Unreel is a band formed in Prague, CZ

Since 2009 we play tunes we have written ourselves based on traditional Irish music chilled by the fusion of other styles and stories inspired in part by industrial urban legends.

Un/realistic stories smelting traditional, contemporary music and impressions are told by the instrumental language of fiddle, guitar, flute and bodhrán, spoken by four experienced musicians who have participated in many different musical projects.

Tradition is process not a museum.

There are four of us, and it is an effort to participate in the creation of new tradition. Join us and follow the process of tradition being un/reelistically smelted.

Keep it Unreel

…a huge slice of relaxing talent from the likes of UNREEL on Balcony TV Prague!

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